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Articles submitted in 2017 but not necessarily published in Homeport

North Devon Branch Continue to Work Hard for the RMA.

April to July has continued to be challenging but nonetheless busy here in North Devon.  As pointed out that if you are a successful branch there are always numerous requests to support  or attend something.  Bewteen April and the end of July we have held 4 meetings, including the AGM.  The average attendance has exceeded 20 each meeting.  We have had a very success Summer BBQ and Regimental Dinner and note only supported Commando Logs and 24 Cdo RE with their responsibility to the Global Challenge but also carried out our support to the RMA Global Challenge by cycling in Sainsbury’s.  We have also arranged a Legiond’Honneur presentation for 9 D Day Landing Vets, 3 of whom are former RM’s, attended 2 Armed Forces Events, the Graspan Parade in London and a Families Day, a Local Community Day and a Scholls day at 11 ATT Insow.

We had our branch stand on display at 11ATTRM Instow’s Schools Day where 40 children from local schools were kept interested by demonstrations and talks by the Squadron and an overview of the RMA and branch Bob Fergie and Derek Sargent.
During the Global Challenge the North Devon Branch supported Commando Logs Regiment on 4 of their 6 days at Barnstaple, Bideford, Ilfracombe, Bridgewater and Weston -Super-Mare.  We then were requested, at short notice, to help 24 Cdo RE again in Barnstaple and Braunton.  We had support from pipers during the outings which seemed to attract the publics attention.  We also managed to pipe the runners home each day

Armed Forces Week was busy for the branch with a Flag Breaking ceremony event in Victory Park, Bideford organised in conjunction with the local Council.



At the end of the week we attended  RMB Chivenor for their 1st  Schools, Families and Open Day  with over 2000 school children and 3000 visitors attending the 2 day event.  At this event we rolled out the RMA shop for the first time and it proved very successful.
The Legion d’Honneur presentation was held at RMB Chivenor and was attended by the local Mayors and Council Leaders as well as senior representatives from Commando Logistic Regiment.  The Honorary Consul to France presented the medals to 9 D Day land veterans in front of 60 family and friends.  Following the presentation there was a buffet laid on by Sodexo.

Finally at the end of July 11ATT RM entertained families and friends at an Open Day and BBQ.  This was followed by the local Community at Instow inviting the base to their beach event on the Sunday.  Braving a windy but sunny day we lifted and shifted to the beach with branch stand and shop.

North Devon Branch Start 2017 at Pace.

Following a busy December with the successful Christmas Appeal for RM Charities, Branch Christmas Party and Mess Ball one would have hoped for a  more relaxing start to 2017.  3 months in and we have had 3 branch meetings, a medal presentation, an evening with the WO&SNCO’s, an Lunch for our more senior members and support for RHS Rosemoor Wilderness Weekend.

At January’s branch meeting we piped in the Haggis and it was dually killed by Mike Harper who recited the “Ode to the Haggis”. 

In February we had the pleasure of having an inspirational talk by Mark Ormrod, which left everyone being more thankful for their lot.  We also presented Veteran Billy Baverstock with his WW2 medals having waited 72 years for them.

At the Commando Logisitc Regiment’s WO&SNCO’s Monthly Mess meeting we had the opportunity to give a presentation on the RMA.  Included in this was handing over a cheque for £1400.00 to the  WO1 RSM Tim Jukes RMbe used by the Specialist Welfare Team at RMB Chivenor


For the 3rd year running we have held a lunch for our more senior members and the branch widows.  28 members and their carers (in some cases)  enjoyed a roast beef dinner.  Present were D Day Landing 4 Legion d’Honneur recipients and the average age of the attendees was around 85yrs.


In March, again for the 3rd year running, a group of us including serving RM’s and RN’s were invited to attend an events weekend RHS Rosemoor here in North Devon.  We had our usual RMA stand and 3 field displays – woodcraft, military equipment and Med Squadron from Commando Logisitc Regiment RM came along with their field ambulance.  The public had the opportunity to sample field rations, wood craft and handle some of the military equipment including what Royal Marines carry  as well as understanding what it is like on the front line as a medic.  This is a PR event where we get the opportunity to raiser awareness of the work of the RMA and Commando Logisitics at RMB Chivenor.

Below is a selection of photos.  You can see more in the Photo Gallery.